Branson a Higlight of the Ozarks
Date Posted: Jan-21-2011
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By Gary Sorensen
From the St. George Daily Spectrum

Set in the green rolling hills of the Ozarks is a sleepy town that for about nine months out of the year draws millions of visitors. They come to fish on the crystal lakes or wander through the thick forests.

Yet most of the visitors come to beautiful Branson, Mo., for the amazing entertainment.

In Branson you will see stars from yesteryear, stars from today, family entertainment, comedians and magicians. Branson attracts visitors from around the world and from every state, last year more than 7 million visited Branson.

When I was growing up my family watched the Andy Williams show and his annual Christmas program. Believe it or not Andy Williams is 85 years old and stars in a fantastic show in Branson along with the famous Ann Margaret. His voice is strong and he still knows how to dazzle his audiences.

There are many shows to choose from and every Christmas they decorate the town and perform Christmas shows. Nearly everyone we send to Branson comes back thinking about their next trip to Branson.

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