Peter Engler Woodcarving & Design
Peter Engler Woodcarving & Design
2800 West Highway 76

Branson is known for its fine woodcarvers. Renowned Master Woodcarver, Peter Engler, has a unique woodcarving gallery - one of the few centers of fine art woodcarving in the nation. It displays all manners of wood sculpture, carving, and other handcrafted wood collectibles.

Spanning folk art to fine art, over 200 artists are showcased. Their art brings joy and happiness - and inspires awe. Ongoing woodcarving and pottery demonstrations offer an opportunity to interact with the artists themselves. Also explore a large selection of woodcarving tools, books, wood, and supplies.

Be sure to stop in and experience the wonder of the many fine artists and craftsmen!

Peter carves Santas full time in Branson, MO. Many are limited editions and are incredibly collectible.

Store Hours: 9:30am-6pm Mon-Thurs
9:30am-7pm Fri-Sat
9:30am-5pm Sun

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Peter Engler
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