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Hours vary by store. However, most stores are open from 10am - 6pm.

Kinkade Generations Event!

This Sat & Sun Only. September 23rd and 24th.

Meet Pat & Zac KINKADE at the Reflections - Thomas Kinkade Art Gallery located at the Grand Village in Branson, Mo.


Congratulations to our neighbors The Presley's!

Cake made by Sugar Leaf Bakery & Cafe.

NEW STORE NOW OPEN! Buffalo Bone Art and Magnetics

Tim Vogler is the fourth in his line of descent to master the art of bone crafting. At the age of nine, Tim began his apprenticeship under his Uncle Euel Perry and his Father Leon Vogler. Euel and Leon were inspired to work with the bone by their Grandpa Perry who would make gifts out of bone for the children in the family.

Buffalo Bone Art was founded by the Perry-Vogler family in 1978. Honoring the tradition of their Choctaw-Chickasaw ancestors, they worked with ranchers who raised the buffalo for meat, taking what would have been wasted and making it into the fine art that you see today.

The bones are laid to dry on an ant hill after removing the marrow. Then, they are crushed and reformed into a solid state. Each figurine or jewelry item made is then hand tooled and hand worked into a finely crafted piece. All phases of the unique process and handicraft are done by the family themselves. The final product is the finely detailed and tremendously durable craft work available at their new store at The Grand Village Shops.

"Remember this is the only land we have. It is entrusted to us for a time...we should preserve it for those who come after!"

Tim Vogler
Master Craftsman

Back in Time Toys

Photo: Sarah, Manager at Back in Time Toys Too.

Back in Time Toys started in Colcamp, Mo., just south of Sedalia. The owner bought a storefront and decided to get into new and vintage toys. From a young age, he began collecting trains such as American Flyer, Lionel, and a few others. Then, as he got older, he really got into collecting vintage toys that he had grown up with and his Dad had grown up with.

What started as a hobby, bloomed into a successful business and it happened right here in Branson, Mo. He was on a family vacation in Branson one year and noticed that there was a space for lease at the Grand Village. He decided that it was the perfect spot to expand his business and that’s what he did.

Back in Time Toys Too was born in 2016. The store features toys from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today! The timing for the store couldn’t have been better. Why? Because Game nights are back! Families are going back to board games. They plan evenings where everyone puts away their electronics for the night and has fun as a family. Visitors to the store love seeing the old nostalgic board games that they used to play when they were little. Now, they can teach their kids to play them as well.

“We love the little boys that visit the store, Sarah says. They usually gravitate towards the gyro wheels, hot wheels, cars, Army sets and the lego compatible blocks. The little girls tend to enjoy the princess and mermaid costumers, dolls, and LED watches. However, their absolute favorite are the stickers. If you were a little girl of the 80’s, chances are, you had a sticker album. We love stickers!”

“Our older generations love the Fisher Price collection that we carry. The castle, the gas station, the family boat, the family playhouse, and the musical pull toys are all hits! Many of our customers say the same thing, “I haven’t seen this since I was a kid.” or “I haven’t played this since my kids were kids.” The motor coach visitors usually go from the smaller items that they can fit in their suitcases. They range from kaleidoscopes to model cars, smaller Tonka trucks, and balsa wood gliders.” - Sarah, Manager

The store frequently has guests that come in and say, “Hey, I’ve got a stack of old board games in my attic. Can I bring them in to you?” Not only do they sell vintage and new toys, but they will buy them from you as well. People return year after year and bring what they have for sale or trade. In fact, one time they had a family bring in an old rocking horse from the 1920’s! It was hand carved wood with cast iron wheels and a rocker. They also received a set of G.I. Joe things in pristine condition which ended up selling for $1000 retail!

“You just never know what is going to come in to the store. That’s what makes it so much fun to work here.” - Sarah, Manager

This summer, they plan to bring back their Superhero-Princess Pictures and Popsicles event. They will feature special guests like Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Spider Man, and rumor has it that Beauty and the Beast might make it to the event.

This Spring, when you are cleaning out your cabinets, remember to bring in your old toys to Back in Time Toys at the Grand Village Shops in Branson, Mo.

Come in and shop. It’s a lot of fun!

"The Alley" Would Bring New Look, New People To Branson

Development Would Be An Extension Of The Grand Village But With New Options

Plans have been unveiled for a new development in Branson called “The Alley.”

The multi-million dollar project will tie into a staple on Highway 76, while also offering several brand new attractions for visitors.

"Everybody is saying, ‘what's happening? What's going on over there?” says Susan Abar-Berger, owner of The Copper Coin.

It's wonderful to say, ‘we're expanding, we're just getting better,’" she says.

Abar-Berger’s business is located in the Grand Village, an attraction on Highway 76 that sees more than a million visitors each year.

Developers of “The Alley” are hoping to build upon that momentum by building the new development directly behind it.

Developers say it will have the look of the redeveloped warehouse districts in cities like Nashville and Oklahoma City, but instead of rehabbing old buildings, the district in Branson will be built from scratch.

"I absolutely love it, ‘she says. “We've got to bring young people here; we've got to bring some more excitement while also preserve that whole feeling of who we are."

Plans are geared towards younger families with new attractions like a microbrewery, roof-top patios, original restaurants and retail.

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Mrs. Claus Returns to the Grand Village.

Mrs. Claus is back on Friday and Saturdays at the Grand Village November 11th - December 17th, 10am - 1pm. Come meet her and get your photo taken. She has treats too.

Santa convention brings holiday cheer to Summer

Santa Convention in Branson, MO.

Christmas in July may sound like a foreign concept, but it happens in Branson, Mo., where the annual Discover Santa Convention takes place. It's an unofficial celebration of St. Nick and everything he represents. More than 800 Santas and Mrs. Clauses showed up this year - and so did "Sunday Morning" correspondent Luke Burbank.

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The Copper Coin

This little store is different than any other store you will ever find.

We are here to honor God, Celebrate America, and share with you an amazing story about a miracle that happened 14 years ago.

There was a lady who lived in Texas. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and then learned that her breast cancer had metastasized and gone into her pancreas. It’s a very dangerous place to have cancer. Doctors told her there was nothing more they could do for her.

One day when she was at the hospital, a minster came to see her. He knew that several bad things had happened to her. She had been laid off work from a great corporate job, 2 weeks later diagnosed with the breast cancer, she went through a bilateral mastectomy
and then found out that she had a fast growing mass on her pancreas.

Doctors told her to get her affairs in order which she did. And the minister that came to see her said, “What are you praying for?” She said, “I’m praying to live long enough to dance at my son’s wedding.” Well her son was in the military. He was overseas in the middle east, and of course she figured if she danced at his wedding, than that meant that he was home safely and that she could die after that. Well, the minister looked at her and he shook his head and he said, “I’m not praying for that, I’m praying for a miracle and that your eyes be opened to one.” She had gone to church all of her life. She believed in Jesus. She saw the stories of Jesus. She believed in God, but she had never surrendered her life to the Lord.

Well, this was a different time. She knew she was dying. She knew there was no hope. Her mother and grandfather had both died of pancreatic cancer in less than 7 weeks. But that minister planted a seed in her heart. The next day, she said, “Lord, I can’t do this anymore. I’m so sorry for the things I did in my past; the woman I became. But, from this day forward I want to honor you with everything in me.”

The next day, she found 2 pennies on the ground. She picked them up and she said, “Lord, I’m trusting in you.” Later, she turned those pennies over and read the inscription, “In God We Trust.” She said, “Momma always said there were pennies from heaven.”

The next day, there was a rainbow in the midst of a terrible storm. She was going down to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and drove through this terrible rain storm. She said, “Lord, show me a sign that you are here.” About that time, she looked up in the sky and even though the sun had already gone across the horizon, she saw the faintest rainbow up in the sky. She began praising the Lord and said, “Thank you for showing me that you are here.”

The next day, the doctors in Houston agreed with the doctors back home and said there was nothing more they could do for her. They even offered to get the red cross together to call her son home from the middle east. Well, before she agreed, she asked to go through the tests and get one last opinion on the results. At the end of the day, something very unusual happened.

Everyone had gone home, but there was one test that needed to be finished. God put in her path a woman that had the sweetest heart and the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen. That woman took her blood. Of all names, that woman’s name was Mercy. The next day, her doctors called her back urgently telling her that she needed to get back to the hospital. Something had happened. She thought the worst, but when she got there and the doctor came in, he looked at her, shook his head and said, “We don’t know what happened. The mass has disappeared.” That was 14 years ago, and that woman has now opened the most beautiful store located at the Grand Village Shops in Branson, Mo. - The Copper Coin. May God bless all who enter.


Superhero-Princess Pictures and Popsicles

Superhero-Princess Pictures and Popsicles

Mark Your Calendars! Back In Time Toys Too will host a very special event on Saturday, Aug. 27th!

It's their annual Superhero/Princess Pictures and Popsicles event! Bring the kids and come meet Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America as well as Anna, Elsa, Snow White, and Cinderella. It's an event to remember and it's right here at the Grand Village Shops!

Wow! 2 of The Top Ten Restaurants in Branson are in The Grand Village!

Top 10 Restaurants in Branson, MO: The Best of Local Food

A popular travel destination for tourists and visitors, Branson, Missouri attracts many people from different regions. With attractions such as the Hollywood Wax Museum, scenic views of Lake Taneycomo and a range of great local restaurants it is no wonder that Branson is a place to visit! If you’re in the area and are looking for delectable eats, be sure to check out these 10 eateries.

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Christmas Events at the Grand Village Shops

Christmas Events at the Grand Village Shops

  • Mrs. Claus is back on Friday and Saturdays at the Grand Village. Come meet her and get your photo taken. She has treats too.
  • SANTA!!!!! He's coming to Kringles Christmas Stores and Village Treasures at the Grand Village starting this Friday! Pass it on....
    Wed - Thur - Friday: 2:00 to 7:30
    Sat: 11:00 to 7:30
    Sun: 11:00 to 4:00
  • Live Christmas Music on various Saturdays: November - December

3rd Annual Most Wonderful Time of the Year Christmas Parade

3rd Annual Most Wonderful Time of the Year Christmas Parade

Paying tribute to Mr. Christmas himself, the late Andy Williams.The parade will showcase Branson's star entertainers and includes a dozen live performances from the main stage in front of the Branson Landing fountains. November 14, 2015 at 10am.
More info: The Most Wonderful Time of Year Parade

Drive Through the Lights in Branson

There are 3 drive-thru Holiday light options this year in Branson! You can experience them from your car or even a Clydesdale horse-drawn carriage! Make Branson your destination for the Christmas Holiday Season!
More Info: Drive Through Lights in Branson

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