Peter Engler Designs

Woodcarvings, Pottery and Other Hand-Crafted Art

Hand-Crafted Wood Designs and Pottery

Looking to add a well-crafted and tasteful piece of decor to your home? Check out the beautiful collection of woodcarvings, pottery and other crafted pieces at Peter Engler Designs.

Peter Engler began selling his woodcarvings at Silver Dollar City in 1962 and his legacy carries on with over 150 artists contributing their works to his stores. With art ranging from wood carvings to pottery to oil burners to jewelry, Peter Engler Designs has something for everyone. Whatever type of decor you might want, this shop has it all.

As the best wood carving, pottery, and art shop in Branson, Peter Engler Designs doesn’t disappoint. Visit for all of your decor needs and art supplies.

Are you interested in trying your hand at woodcarving? Peter Engler Designs also offers everything you need to get started such as wood carving tools, how-to books and, of course, wood.

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See the collection of beautiful wood carvings and pottery in person and visit Peter Engler Designs at The Grand Village Shops in Branson, MO. Need directions? Visit our contact us page for more information.