TeaMaze, The Tea Shop

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Sharing the Experience of International, Distinctive, Premium Grade, Loose Leaf Teas

Explore excellent loose leaf tea varieties from all over the world at TeaMaze. Tea expert Yulin can help you find the right tea to suit your needs in a relaxing and educational environment.

New to the world of tea? Sample different types and learn about the best brewing methods for each one. Long time tea drinker? Come in and discover a new brew you can add to your repertoire.

TeaMaze is about sharing your experiences as tea is a drink that is tied closely to emotion. Learn more about what a fine cup of tea can do for you.

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Interested in sampling from a top-tier collection of teas? Come by TeaMaze, the Tea Shop at The Grand Village Shops to find out what a good cup of tea can do for you. Need directions? Visit the contact page for more information.